Our Approach

Our Approach

At Blue Caveman Designs we see the world around us as a place ripe with opportunities.  Being the curious and observant types that we are enables us to constantly come up with ideas for new products and/or find ways to improve existing products.

And, by using a multi-pronged approach to innovative thinking, we are able to convert problems into opportunities that eventually turn into viable products that serve a distinct purpose.

Our motto at Blue Caveman Designs is "making better products & making products better"!

Our Story

Our Story

Blue Caveman Designs has been around for almost three decades, but is just now finally emerging and taking shape as a viable player in the product design marketplace.

This newly created product design and development company has been a hobby and a passion for owner/CIO Mark Theodoroff (Theo) for well over 25 years.  In the past 25+ years he has designed and developed over three dozen product ideas and/or improvements.  He is the consummate serial inventor.

Here's to making the world a better place by being observant, curious, creative and never being afraid to say "why not".

Blue Caveman Designs was officially established as an LLC in Sept 2017.

Next Steps...

When it comes to designing & developing new products, we act more like curious little kids at play than serious grownups at work.  But that's the way we like it!

If you have an appreciation for the way we look at the world of creating and inventing, please let us know in our comments sections.  THX!